Can you make the Jumping Jelly Bean Jump?

Space Cadet Jumping Castle – (So if you’ve never actually seen an alien Neil what makes you so sure they exist? !!

Space Cadets Jumping Castle

(Common Cadets, this rocket won’t wait – it’s GO TIME!!)

Cadets must report to the launch bay immediately…Houston be advised the visual is good today. This is Houston – roger that. We are still go with Apollo 11. Good luck and God speed... The clock is running, Astronauts report it feels good.

T minus 15 sec. Guidance is internal.

12, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence start,

6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, all engines running.

LIFT-OFF! WE HAVE LIFT-OFF, 32 min past the hour, lift-off of Apollo 11.

Tower cleared, roll program confirmed. 11 Houston, your guidance is converged, you’re looking good.


Dimensions: 4 metres wide x 4.5 metres long x 2.7 metres high

Required Space: 5 metres wide x 5.5 metres long x 3m high

Fully enclosed: Yes!

Rain Cover: YES (Waterproof)

Made in Australia

“Aliens will live on earth and never go back”

Prices: $200.00 for 4 hrs.

Prices: $225.00 for 7 hrs

Free delivery for any castle hire within a 30km radius from Five Dock!!

“Make an online order now” or “Call us now for a booking” on 0403 737 911(From 9am to 9pm)


What We Do

We offer a range of jumping castles and slides for every special occasion such as:

School & Church Fetes - Christenings – Weddings

Children’s birthday parties - Indoor and outdoor parties

Play groups – Kindergartens - Preschools – Day care centres

Fetes and Fundraisers– Open Days - Festivals

Corporate Functions – Community Functions - Private Functions

Or your own special events!! - All occasions!!

More About Us

Sydney Jumping Castle Hire is a family owned business based in Sydney. We are a vibrant, energetic and young company and with over 10 years’ experience in customer service based industries, we pride ourselves on on-time delivery, safety and friendly service always and all aspects centred on bringing smiles to the young ones faces.

Cleanliness and hygiene is important to us and is why our castles are presented clean and disinfected to make your day as special and hassle free as can be. Our castles and slides are fully insured ($10,000,000 liability insurance) and adhere to all Australian safety standards.

Criminal checks are performed on all staff members working for Sydney Jumping Castle Hire and are available upon request:


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Ask Us About Our Special Offers

We can do a special package for a castle and slide!!!!!! (What is this? Maybe – order a castle for a FULL DAY HIRE and receive a slide for just $100-that’s a saving of 225 + 225 = 450 with the offer that’s only 225 + 100 = 325 Therefore you save $125- )

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